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Request for Individual Support

The Cherry Hill Barrier Mitigation Fund provides emergency cash assistance to residents who need emergency help paying rent, utilities or other family related emergencies. These funds are available annually through grant funding when funds are available.


You will need to upload:

  1. Identification (ex. state license, passport, birth certificate)

  2. Proof of Address:

    • Apartment or house lease

    • electric, gas, water, or phone bill

    • internet bill

    • bank letter

    • voter registration card

    • or mortgage statement

    • employment letter/paystub

  3. Proof of Emergency

    • Eviction Notice

    • Utility Cut-Off Notice

    • Burial

    • Medical

    • Home disaster

    • or other proof


Cherry Hill Strong will respond within 1-3 weeks of your submission date. Please complete the form below to start your request. The more details you can provide with your request, the better. Incomplete or unanswered fields will delay processing time. 

Additional Resources

Rent and Utility Assistance

Brian Johnson (*Cherry Hill Homes residents only)
Service Coordinator
Office of Resident Services
2700 Spelman Rd
Baltimore, Md 21225
Office- 410-396-3004
Cell- 410-350-1588


Security Deposit and Utilities Assistance

The Mayor's Office of Children and Family Success (MOCFS) offers low-income households financial empowerment programs, housing and energy services, food resources, and capacity-building services. In response to COVID-19, MOCFS is providing security deposit and utility assistance. 

Eviction Prevention Legal Aid 

The following organizations provide free legal advice, and, in some cases, representation to renters facing eviction and other landlord-tenant issues.  These organizations take different types of cases and all have capacity limitations.  Please review the types of services that these organizations provide in the parenthesis below before calling.  Note that “subsidized” housing refers to any form of housing choice voucher, public housing, or othergovernment-subsidized housing.

  • Maryland Legal Aid (advice and representation – focused on subsidized housing cases; same-day representation for failure to pay rent eviction cases possible), 410-951-7777, visit the Maryland Legal Aid website

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